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Urgent need for skills which is not satisfied can be damaging to companies. The temporary solution is by definition, highly reactive, and can make the desired profiles available to the company promptly.

Recruiting is time-consuming. This requires going through different stages: Posting ads that represent a cost to the company without being sure to find the good or right candidates, facing paperwork after hiring. If everyone is already overwhelmed by work, better entrust this task to a professional.

The contract that the employer passes with TWG Mauritius is a simple commercial contract.

Results driven

Just like you, TWG Mauritius is results-oriented. We set clear goals. We enter into clear agreements and we fulfill our promises. Always more, never less.

Hand in hand

We work together to deliver practical and targeted solutions to increase your company’s performance. We want to be an inspiration. We help you understand and find what you need by working together for the next stage because we all depend on each other.

Solution Assistance Recruitment

High season or festive period, TWG Mauritius also proposes to you its Recruitment Assistance Solution for varying terms (from 3 to 6 months) by providing you with candidates that meet your requirements.

We aspire to:

Work with you as a real partner supporting you in your day to day management of your staff related to your business offer solutions to your problems.

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