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Welcome to TWG Mauritius 

TWG Mauritius is a service providing company offering to businesses as well as candidates temporary and permanent  employment solutions. We position ourselves in favor of economic growth of enterprises by managing the human priorities on the job market and catering to all sectors both locally and on an International level.

Easy as a Click

Why complicate things when it is not needed? TWG Mauritius offers a simple and flexible method of billing by offering a service per hour depending on the type of profile with a minimum of 6 hours permission.

Temporary solution

Everyone has heard of temporary employment, but few know how it works. We walk you through each step ensuring you fully understand the solution. All you have to do is give us a call. TWG Mauritius offers a practical temporary employment solution.

Socio Ethnic approach

TWG Mauritius believes in the unique benefits of a diverse workforce, we strive to provide all our clients with equal opportunities. Diversity is crucial for a happy and balanced work environment; we seek the best way to harness the talents of each candidate.

Online and Foreign Solutions

With the increase of online/remote work being the new ‘norm’, we offer cost effective work as opposed to hiring in-house. There are no international tax charges to this and we have candidates with strong English and French communication skills.

We also provide the service of bringing in foreign labour and can send candidates abroad

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